Our Life On Water

Our Life on Water is set in Sahakom, a fictional country inspired by Cambodian and Vietnamese floating villages with a touch of magical realism. Explore the history of a place where modern life confronts the indigenous, and where both the environment and cultural identity are in jeopardy. Your choices will have an impact on the village and its residents. Can you mend the community’s wounds and save their homeland?

The River is your new home. Enjoy the slow life in a floating village. Collect bamboo and trash, recycle, craft items, construct river houses and structures, fish, tend to plants and crops, and raise animals. The River setting adds a unique flavor to each of these activities.

Engage in village life, attend council meetings and social events. Use your charm and wit to bring people together. Find a way to create a strong, resilient community where people support each other and can endure difficulties as a group. Forge friendships and find love.

Explore the monsoon scenery inspired by Southeast Asian landscapes with a touch of magical realism. Travel by boat, swim and dive to find mystical artifacts. Interact with Yla the Otter and above all, find ways to gain the favor of the river spirits in order to rebuild the village.