About us

Different Tales team during production of Wanderlust: Travel Stories, 2019.

Different Tales is an indie studio founded in June 2018 by two experienced game developers, Jacek Brzeziński and Artur Ganszyniec, with the help of Walkabout Games.

Over the last dozen years, we worked on fantasy franchises with a cult following, mobile games for the mass market, failed artistic experiments, critically acclaimed products about killing people—the whole spectrum of the fast-paced game industry.

We are ready to tell other stories. Stories rooted in the common human experience. Stories that you discover at your own pace. Stories with the potential to bring about change.

Core team

Jacek Brzeziński

One of the key people behind the games that put Poland on the global map of gaming. He was the project lead on The Witcher, development director of CD Projekt Red, project lead on Dead Island Riptide, producer of Dying Light and gameplay designer of acclaimed Hitman.
Artur Ganszyniec

An accomplished storyteller, exploring new media to find unconventional means of expression. Artur was the Lead Story Designer on The Witcher, worked also on mobile games like Puzzlecraft, Another Case Solved and Full of Stars.
Marta Malinowska

Marta is a designer and an anthropologist, so no wonder she is interested in all the different ways people tell and interact with stories. She published a fantasy novel called “Illusion”.
Jakub Radkowski
business development

Jakub takes care of all the boring stuff, like finances. And because of his amazing work we can make amazing games.
Piotr Kubiński

As an Assistant Professor at the University of Warsaw Piotr conducts research dedicated to the narrative potential of video games. Author of the book “Video games. Outline of poetics.” He was the leader of the R&D project Narra that concluded with a toolset for game creators.
Marta Ziółkowska

Active member of Polish Indie Gamedev, loving every aspect of creating games. Shipped several titles, such as Escape Room VR, Prison VR, Dream Home, Here Be Dragons, Oh Sheep. Helped organising GIC conference, and initiated Unity User Group in her home town – Poznań.

Our Lively Cast of Collaborators

Piotr Niklas
art director
Karolina Sulej-Kubik
journalist and writer
Mateusz Kubik
journalist, yacht skipper, adventurer
Joanna Wołyńska
creative anthropologist
Przemysław Moszczyński
audio director
Patryk Scelina
Robert Purzycki
Maciej Orliński

Igor Szulc
Paweł Zgrzebnicki
writer, traveller, anthropologist
Igor Olejniczak
Monika Masaj
photographer, traveller
Jarek Krawczyk
art director
Paweł Gluza
Tomek Kuczma
Błażej Worsztynowicz
Monika Lipińska

Magdalena Pankiewicz
Rafał Kucharczuk
Waldemar Zdziebko
Łukasz Nowacki

Irek Konior