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Backpack Hero 1.0 is out now on PC and Nintendo Switch!

SURPRISE! We just did a Shadow Drop at Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase: Backpack Hero 1.0 is out now on Nintendo Switch and PC!

Huge congrats to Backpack Hero creators Jas, BinaryCounter and Gangs. You made this incredible game, you are superb people, and you amaze us constantly – it’s a pleasure and privilege to support you. Thank you! 

This is a big milestone for Different Tales publishing! We’ve never done anything quite like this: turns out that a Shadow Drop – on Switch, Steam, GOG, and Epic, for a live game in Early Access — is no small feat for a tiny team. But it was worth it, we’ve learned a ton, and each of us came out stronger! 

To all the fantastic people who helped make this huge thing happen today – our friends at Nintendo, GOG, Epic Games, and, the unrelenting porting crew at Aurora Punks, our partners at Gamedev Fund, IndieArk, The BEAST, and Evolve PR, our dear graphic designers and video editors – thank you for your work, effort, and incredible patience!

Backpack Hero 1.0 – the inventory management roguelike – is out now on Nintendo Switch, Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store and Itch.