Digital Culture

We’re happy to share, that our Werewolf: the Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest was awarded with Polityka’s Passport, one of the most important Poland’s cultural awards!

We are very happy to receive it, and proud that we had a chance to tell about the situation in Poland, and use our local elements to create a story with a universal appeal.

“This is a game about rage, and about turning it into something good. I want to dedicate it to all the people who took their anger this year, took to the streets, and decided to do something about the surrounding reality.” Said our writer Marta Malinowska during her acceptance speech, referring to mass “Women’s Strike” protests, which sparked all over Poland after a total government ban on abortion in 2020 and flame to this very day.

We feel that games have an equal voice in the public space to literature, film, or music in providing a social and political commentary, and we’re honoured that we are in the position to use that voice.

foto ⓒ POLITYKA / Leszek Zych