Different Tales is publishing Backpack Hero

We’re teaming up with Jaspel to publish their Early Access bestseller Backpack Hero!

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the inventory management roguelike – over 150,000 have played it so far, it’s one of the year’s most impactful indies after all.

We’ve been great fans for a while now: the clever roguelike twist, the delightful vibes, and its lively supportive community. 

And we admire Jaspel immensely – a tiny remote team scattered all over the world, who’ve already accomplished a fantastic Early Access launch. They’re simply extraordinary.

Now Different Tales is jumping in to help gear up for an excellent full launch, reach new players, and publish on new platforms.

We love the game and its developers dearly; we can’t wait to help build every bit of success they deserve. Stay tuned, you’ll hear more from us soon!