Different Tales will publish Havendock

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve joined forces with solo developer Yeo Ying Zhi (a.k.a. YYZ) to release his spectacular game: Havendock!

Havendock is an oceanic colony sim about a castaway inventor. You know the story: clutching a scrap of wood, surviving out in the middle of the ocean. But then things get wild. You build a high-tech society of vibrant settlers, with power plants, robots, submarines, and… rockets!

Havendock is a fun-to-learn and fiercely captivating indie gem. We fell in love right away, spent hours with it, and honestly, we’re amazed by how much YYZ has accomplished as a solo creator. We’re joining the project to help in those areas where it is most difficult to work alone. We will support the development process, help reach new players, and bring in the buzz that YYZ deserves – after all, Steam Early Access is coming soon!

Enough talk, heed this advice: play the fantastic demo right now, and stay tuned for more exciting news to come!